Let Us Make You Happy Too!

Happy Faces
We’d be delighted to make you our next happy customer.  Our biggest reward is hearing the feedback we get on the work we’ve done for our valued customers – People that we refer to as our extended 1 Sound Choice family.  We’re flattered to serve hundreds of customers over so many wonderful years of being in business . . .

“(We received) friendly, highly competent, quick and clean installation by 1 Sound Choice.  The team followed up a few weeks after completion to ask if we were satisfied with our Media Room and Home Audio System.  1 Sound Choice is truly “top shelf” – they surpassed our expectations every step of the way.”

Mr. & Mrs. Blake

“FYI, the party went off without a hitch. I was doing demos all day.  I had to wipe everyone’s chins off the floor.  People were shocked and awed. If I had a nickel for each ‘unbelievable’, ‘incredible’ and ‘breathtaking’ that I heard, I could build another theater.”

Mr. & Mrs. Deyong (following their open house and daughter’s birthday party)

“We were surprised with what (Ryan) took away from the conversation – even reading between the lines to put everything we wanted and needed right into his designs for us.  At first, we really didn’t know who to go with; we hadn’t had any renovations to our home before.  We set up a consultation and liked (Ryan) because he was personable, a good listener and knowledgeable. He asked about our wish list and gave us some ideas…which were great.”

Mr. & Mrs. Caywood

”I’d (tell others) that Ryan’s very professional and very easy to work with, in terms of budgeting and listening to what you want to have done.  He never pushed us toward anything we couldn’t afford or didn’t want and he got the job done on time.”

Mr. & Mrs. DeSantis

“The service was timely, the process was easy and I’m very satisfied…the theatre came out phenomenal.  The picture (quality) is phenomenal.  The equipment (Ryan) recommended was fantastic and he was involved in the entire process (from the very beginning).”

Mr. & Mrs. Shatz

“Ryan listened to us – he understood what we wanted to accomplish.  (The 1 Sound Choice team’s) commitment to post-installation support and service has been unbelievable.  They are professionals in every aspect and have gained our trust throughout the completion of our project.”

Mr. & Mrs. Maytin

Thank you . . . All of you!  We absolutely love working with you and making each and every one of you happy.




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