Ryan Herd

Going Green

1 Sound Choice Has One Sound Perspective On The Environment Going GREEN…through Home Automation—saves time, energy, and money! 1 Sound Choice is concerned about the environment, energy costs are skyrocketing, Eco-Friendly materials are popular, and Energy Star appliances are having a very positive impact. So, how can you help the […]

go green


New Home, New Home Theater

July 26, 2012 | by Grant Clauser Some people spend years planning their dream home theater, measuring their room, contemplating gear specs and plotting the best time to take the plunge. Others dive right in. The owners of this northern New Jersey home barely had the front door key in […]

White House East Wing Home Theater

White House Theater | by Grant Clauser On President’s Day it’s common to honor this nation’s leaders by staying home from school or maybe partaking in some Lincoln-inspired one-day sales. I’m sure being president is a hard job, so he needs to unwind in the evening too. Lucky for him, […]