CEU Training


Through CEDIA’s Registered Outreach Instructor program

CEDIA members deliver home technology education on a regional/local basis.In addition to company training, this program also allows association chapters the ability to bring education directly to their members at no cost to the chapter.

Currently, the CEDIA Registered Outreach Instructor (ROI) program provides 15 courses approved for continuing education units by several industry partner associations.

Earn 1 – 2 CEU Credits Per Class!! (Available for Architects and Interior Designers)

 Contact: Ryan@onesoundchoice for course guide and seminar dates available!

  • Designing Dedicated Theaters – Understand what a home theater is – and what it isn’t. This course will discuss home theater acoustics, design, equipment, seating and more.
  • Lighting Control Systems – This course offers an overview of lighting control terminology, benefits and solutions, all presented in easy-to-understand language.
  • Sound Isolation in a Specialty Room – This course will review the needs for sound-isolated specialty rooms, including the three tools of sound isolation: mass, absorption, and mechanical isolation.
  • The Art of Hiding Technology – This course reviews the three-pronged approach to hiding technology: advance planning, design philosophy and product selection.