Top 5 Reasons to Control How Light Comes Into Your Home   Recently updated !

  There’s nothing quite like throwing open the blinds on a beautiful sunny morning and letting the sunshine pour into your kitchen, living room or home office. But what happens when the light from that sun falls onto your computer screen or the television screen yo u’re trying to watch, […]

4K TV Installation

What is a 4K TV – and will it improve my TV viewing experience?

Lately, you have probably seen ads for 4KTV’s. 4K TV’s will be the hottest electronics gifts this holiday season but you may not really know what they are and how they differ from an HD or flat screen TV. Here is the info you need to decide if YOU need […]

Going Green

1 Sound Choice Has One Sound Perspective On The Environment Going GREEN…through Home Automation—saves time, energy, and money! 1 Sound Choice is concerned about the environment, energy costs are skyrocketing, Eco-Friendly materials are popular, and Energy Star appliances are having a very positive impact. So, how can you help the […]

New Home, New Home Theater

July 26, 2012 | by Grant Clauser Some people spend years planning their dream home theater, measuring their room, contemplating gear specs and plotting the best time to take the plunge. Others dive right in. The owners of this northern New Jersey home barely had the front door key in […]