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In short, 1 Sound Choice proudly stands on its reputation of creating the perfect smart home experience for you, your family and friends.  Our #1 priority is and has always been one of taking good care of our customers.  We aim to please and we put our customers first.

Part of our success is largely built on a culture that rewards something I call “delighting the customer.”  “Delighting the customer” has everything to do with making sure we as a company go above and beyond your expectations.  Any member of our team that comes into contact with our customers understands and appreciates the need to treat you like an extended part of our 1 Sound Choice family.  We instill the importance of honesty, hard work and having a pleasant demeanor and we encourage our customers to give us their input on the job we’re doing.  As far as we’re concerned, your feedback makes us even better.  And it’s in our collective best interest to make sure you’re happy and we’ll do everything in our power to delight you.

Here’s what Mr. and Mrs. Blake had to say about their experience with 1 Sound Choice…

“We received friendly, highly competent, quick and clean installation by 1 Sound Choice.  The team followed up a few weeks after completion to ask if we were satisfied with our Media Room and Home Audio System.  1 Sound Choice is truly “top shelf” – they surpassed our expectations every step of the way.”

And here’s what Mr. and Mrs. Deyong had to say (following their open house and daughter’s birthday party)…

“FYI, the party went off without a hitch. I was doing demos all day.  I had to wipe everyone’s chins off the floor.  People were shocked and awed. If I had a nickel for each ‘unbelievable’, ‘incredible’ and ‘breathtaking’ that I heard, I could build another theater.”

Now we realize that these are just words on paper and actions do speak much louder.  So, if you’re in the market for a smart home, media room, home audio system or home theater, we invite you to visit www.1SoundChoice.com and if you like what you see, give me a call at 973-316-0678 and we’ll talk about what you have in mind.  We’ll take good care of you and we’ll make you happy!

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