Into the 22nd Century and Beyond

Just for a moment, imagine what it would be like to surround yourself and your family in a home that “reads your mind” and automatically reacts out of your need to feel safe, secure, relaxed and content.  I’m Ryan Herd, owner of 1 Sound Choice in Pompton Plains, NJ, a customer-centric technology company that’s been singled out by Angie’s List for its superior ability to create and deliver a smart home living experience that uses intuitive technology to simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

We believe your home should be your sanctuary. . . A very special place that offers you an escape from all the distractions the outside world . . . An “everyday experience” that rewards you and your family with a peace of mind that lets you more fully enjoy your time at home.  1 Sound Choice now makes it possible for you and your family to thoroughly unwind and enjoy all the comforts of home, knowing that you are all under the special care of smart home technology that you control from your smart phone or tablet:

  • Smart thermostats that monitor and reduce energy consumption.
  • A home theater that gives you all the thrills and chills of actually going to the movies.
  • Smart appliances that automatically make your favorite, hot cup of coffee and prepare fresh-baked, cinnamon-swirled bread that fills your home with sweet goodness.
  • State-of-the-art monitoring cameras that constantly keep a watchful eye over your family, no matter where they are in the house.
  • Smart doors that remotely lock and unlock.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting that automatically adjust to the time of day.
  • Smart ovens that get a jump start on dinner by automatically starting to cook the juicy, Thanksgiving turkey and brown sugar sweet potatoes for your family.

22 century and beyond

The possibilities of smart home living are truly endless and only limited by your imagination!

So, if you’d like to experience a “Jetson-like” world that brings you, your family and your home into the future, please contact us for a real-time demonstration – A live demonstration that takes place right in your very own home!

Let us at 1 Sound Choice, your smart home technology experts, introduce you to a brand new world of simplicity and convenience – one that will take you into the 22nd century and beyond.  (Play the video by clicking on the picture below

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