The Smart Home Explosion in the Real Estate Market

Convenience, safety and peace of mind.  These are three of the top reasons why more and more people are choosing to live in a smart home.  And, according to Coldwell Banker, these are some of the same reasons why real estate agents say homes with smart or connected technology sell faster than those without it.  A whopping eighty-one percent of buyers surveyed said they are more likely to buy a home with smart technology.

    • The Convenient, Creature Comforts of Home

    With over twenty years of experience working in the smart home industry, 1 Sound Choice is adept at designing and installing automated climate control systems that best fit your needs at home, allowing you and your family to live in creature comfort.  Our approach to keeping you comfortable all year long is based on using new, integrated smart home technology that actually learns your habits, adapts to your schedule and conforms to your lifestyle, saving you lots of time, money and energy in the process.  Our system takes all the guesswork out of manually operating the thermostats, blinds and ventilation by intuitively taking control of these devices, fixtures and equipment so you can rest easy.

    • Keeping your Kids Safe from Harm

    When it comes to your kids, you’ll do anything to keep them safe and sound, especially when they come home from school and you’re not around to protect them.  So what’s a parent to do?  Here are a few “smart” ideas to consider:

    • Through the power of smart home technology, you’ll remotely see your kids come home from school by way of wireless outdoor cameras, you’ll remotely unlock the front door to let them in and you’ll lock the door behind them – – Just by using your smart phone or tablet. It’s as simple as that!
    • Ever wonder what the kids are doing in the house while you’re at work? Stop wondering! Check on them from the office with indoor home cameras that watch their every move – – Cameras that you access from your smart phone or tablet. What a load off your mind!
    • Never fear . . . Your smart home can even detect smoke, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. At the first sign of any trouble, your smart home alerts your phone or tablet to a potential problem (before it gets out of hand) and your home automation system contacts the fire department.  Help is on the way!
    • Don’t let the kids get near the stove or into the cleaning supply cabinets and medicine drawers. Smart home sensors notify your phone or tablet when your little ones’ hands try to get into things where they don’t belong.
    • Caring for your Aging Parents While Keeping your Peace of Mind

    These days, many of you are faced with making a decision about how to best care for your aging parents.  You worry about leaving one or both of them alone at home.  You wonder if they’ve taken their medication. You wonder if they left the stove on.  And you wonder if they left the house and lost their way.  Smart home automation can put all of these concerns and others to rest.

    Integrated, smart home automation systems now make it possible for your parents to live independent, productive lives.  Affordable smart homes offer all kinds of automated emergency response systems, built-in safety features, remote access and monitoring devices, fall prevention mechanisms, timers, lighting, locks and reminder alerts.

    Let 1 Sound Choice, a CEDIA- certified home technologist, help take the worry out of your life.  We’ll keep you and your family safe and comfortable all year long and we’ll even help you increase the value of your property. (Play the video below by clicking on the picture.)

Life really is best lived at home.

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